Facebook Newsletter for Parents

Now that our book is done, we can get back to our newsletter,

But before we describe our newsletter, let us give our book three sentences.
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The book is entitled Facebook for Parents: Answers to the Top 25 Questions, and now this is available on Amazon. You’ll find reviews there from parents who have found this book invaluable. We will send a free chapter to our newsletter subscribers, though that’s not quite ready (stay tuned).

Okay, back to the newsletter . . .

Three times a year we send a concise newsletter updating parents about Facebook.

Our newsletter helps parents recognize the most important aspects of Facebook, as it relates to their family’s well-being. This includes the positive side of Facebook: skills your kids can learn to benefit their future.

We also share the latest research and “best practices” for parents who have kids under 18 on Facebook.

You can sign up for our free newsletter to stay updated with the ever-changing world of Facebook. Each newsletter explains new skills kids can learn on Facebook that will benefit their future.